Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Celerity Broadband Analyzer

Today (Nov. 17,2004), I had the privilege of attending a presentation by Aeroflex / Celerity on the operation of their CS65040 Broadband Signal Recorder and Generator. This presentation was located at Oak Ridge National Lab's Extreme Measurement Communications Center (EMC2) .

The CS65040 is an amazing instrument. It can down convert a 120 MHz slice of the RF band, and sample it at 400 MSps for a couple of seconds. This sampled data can be displayed as a conventional spectrum analyzer, as a digital oscilloscope, or as a demodulated signal. The signal file can be modified by any signal analysis package such as Matlab and can then be replayed by the instrument at the original frequency or at some other center frequency.

The presentation was marred by a bad case of "demo-itis" but this does not take away from the capability that the instrument has and the myriad ways in which it can help in the development of new wireless products.

Oak Ridge National Lab

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